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About us

What is Brazilian Bliss?

Brazilian Bliss brings the feminine beauty and self-confidence of Brazil to the cold north. Inspired by the beaches of Rio, Brazilian Bliss brings the colours, joy, and energy that the sunshine and exotic sights offer in the shapes of vibrant swimwear and body-shaping leggings. Each lively piece is designed to bring out the natural beauty in everyone, and with it the love and sunshine inside.



What we stand for?

We want women all over the world and beyond to experience the beauty and energy of Brazil. We want everyone to see the vibrant and compelling colours, the joy and buzz of a day in Rio, the beauty of the country and its people. We stand to bring the sunshine everywhere, where people feel bright and energetic wearing beautiful clothes that speak for them, as well as to them. We want to take natural beauty and give it all of the love and tools it needs to shine bright. We want women to feel supported, empowered, and beautiful in their bodies; we want that pride and femininity to gleam down every sidewalk-- and smile in every mirror. Brazilian Bliss isn’t just about having bright and beautiful clothes, we want everyone to feel like the sun, radiating with confidence and showing the world what it means to glow. Summer comes and goes, but the warmth doesn’t have to: Wear the Sunshine with Brazilian Bliss.




Our fabrics:

Our tissues are hand selection from the best and most eco-responsible distributors in Brazil. Evaluated scientifically to maximize comfort and support, each fabric used represents the paradigm of flexible and beautiful sports wear in Brazil. Woven with care using intelligent polyamide fibers, they assist in muscle actuation and reduce stress on muscles and ligaments to make the fabric work with you. Color-safe, always vibrant, and silky smooth, these fabrics also provide UV SPF 50 protection so that you can wear the sunshine without feeling the burn.

Built to last
Our stretch-safe and washable fabrics ensure the garments stay beautiful after each and every use.  

Rapid drying and anti-bacterial
The materials keep the garments feeling fresh and cool each time you put them on.

 Brazilian Bliss Yoga Pants Montreal
Eco-responsible production
We use recycled water and reduce greenhouse emission to keep Brazilian Bliss and your clothes in touch with the Earth. 

Supportive yet elastic
Wherever you go, whatever you do, Brazilian Bliss highlights your best features and masks cellulite along the way. 


Who are we?

Brazilian Bliss was born between Montreal and Brazil with the joining of two minds: Sophie Maffolini and Felix Faria. Partners in business and life, we set out bring our mutual love for Brazilian culture and clothing to the rest of the world.


Sophie Maffolini

Co-founder of Brazilian Bliss

Sophie cofounded Brazilian Bliss with Felix to help bring the warmth and love of the Brazil to the rest of the world. Sophie’s love for Brazilian culture and life inspired her to create Brazilian Bliss. Well travelled and fluent in many languages, Sophie wants to bring the sunshine from Brazil to the whole world. 

Felix Faria

Co-founder of Brazilian Bliss

Felix Faria cofounded Brazilian Bliss with Sophie and brings to the table a deep knowledge of Brazilian culture and community (having grown up in Rio himself). He manages internal relations, discovering new and beautiful materials, and all of the small things that keep Brazilian Bliss shining. An appreciator of the arts, Felix’s light hearted-self is also avid dancer trained in many Brazilian styles.


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