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How Stress Can Affect Your Life and Ways of Overcoming it

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Stress is a state when your mind is tense, causing you to worry about various problems related to your personal or work life. When stress goes unmanaged, it leads to complications which can easily alter your personality and life altogether. Understanding the effects of stress on your life makes it possible to come up with ways to manage them in the long term.

Top 5 Effects of Stress on Your Life

The following are the possible effects of stress on your life:

  1. Depression

Stress affects your ability to experience happiness because you fail to see the positive outcome of anything. This can disrupt your social life as other people would find it difficult to openly interact with you. Depression can make you sad; and failure to diagnose, monitor, and contain it can make you develop serious mental complications, such having suicidal thoughts.

  1. Eating Disorders

Your appetite can be affected when stressed. However, this varies from one person to another. For instance, some people lose their appetite and refuse to eat when stressed, increasing their risk of developing serious health problems.

You can develop bulimia, or end up being diagnosed with Anorexia nervosa, which are eating disorders.

Therefore, stress stems the foundation of malnutrition which can have serious adverse effects on your health and growth. Your fitness is also affected, if you are the type that over-eats when stressed.

  1. Insomnia

Insomnia occurs when you are unable to sleep. Various studies have linked stress to patients that find it hard to catch some z’s. When you lack sleep for prolonged periods, you can develop serious health issues like lack of focus and concentration, irritability and modification of moods.

  1. Health Defects

Stress alters the normal functions of the body, resulting in health problems like high blood pressure and obesity. When stressed, you can end up craving and consuming foods high in calories or carbohydrates, like sodas and French fries.

The body finds it difficult to process the excess nutrients consumed. They are stored elsewhere in the body such as the abdomen or legs in the form of body fats. With excess body fats, your fitness level deteriorates, further increasing your risk of being obese.

Studies have shown that stress can also worsen certain diseases that may already be present in your body like disorders. You can also easily react to things when stressed.

  1. Lowers Self Confidence

Your self-confidence is a reflection of your happiness and enthusiasm. However, stress can lead you to have a low view of yourself and feelings of unworthiness, lowering your moral and self-esteem. A ripple effect is created such that you may find it difficult to hold serious conversations with people with whom you once had such talks with. Low self-confidence comes with a negative view of your body image.

Top 5 Ways of Managing Stress

  1. Meditation through Yoga

Meditation is one of the major ways in which you can handle and manage your stress levels. Through yoga, you are able to understand the root cause of the issues that might be bringing about stress into your life.

Meditation makes it possible to exercise calmness and even attain inner peace that can help you control and manage stressful situations in your life.


  1. Regular Exercise

Regular exercises can help you in stress management as well as improving body fitness. Physical exercise works; during sporting activities like running or simple jogging, the mind is triggered to concentrate on the movement of the limbs and what is happening at that particular moment.

As a result, your most disturbing issues are temporarily forgotten.

Simultaneously, the mind is kept active, increasing its ability to process information. Therefore, you can easily find solutions to your burning stress-related problems. You also get to improve your body image.


  1. Taking Time Off What’s Causing the Stress

Being in a stressful environment where you are constantly under pressure or admonished over your weaknesses can result in you developing a negative body image, not to mention dwindling self-confidence.

Whether your stress is family- or work-related, taking some time off from your daily routine is a perfect way to reduce the tensions and pressures exerted on you. You can develop a new perspective of looking at things by taking some time off to reflect on your life. You can do this in the form of a vacation to Brazil or simply taking some time off work.

  1. Talking to a Friend or Specialist

In most cases, the stress that we experience usually has something to do with the people around us. If those close to you are responsible for your stressful situation, it might not be easy talking to them. In such cases, it is advisable that you talk to a specialist or a friend that you trust.

By talking to someone, and sharing your problems and feelings, you are able to lift some of the heavy emotions that could have been weighing you down. Just speaking to someone, even before finding possible alternative solutions to your problems, you are bound to feel much better; like half of your problems solved.

In serious cases, you might have to see a therapist or psychologist to help with your problem. With the help of talk therapy, you can boost your body image and generally become a better person, in addition to your problems being solved and stress reduced.

  1. Developing a Positive Attitude

Whenever people are under stress, they usually become negative and pessimistic about almost everything in life. You fail to see the positive side of something or the probability of a particular thing being successful because your glass is always half empty.

This perception is detrimental to your mental state as it can lead to anxiety or depression. When you work on your negative thoughts and transform them to positive thoughts, you do not just improve your self-perception and self-love, but also become a happy woman.

With these tips, you should be able to manage stress in your life to live a fulfilling and abundant life full of happiness.

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