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9 Health Benefits of Yoga Every Woman Must Know

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brazilian bliss 9 health benefits of yoga for women

focuses on the natural tendency of the body towards self-healing and health. It is aimed at creating awareness, strength and harmony in the body and mind. A typical session includes meditation, breathing exercises, and assuming postures (poses or asana) that stretch, flexing different muscle groups in the body. Osteopathic physicians emphasize on preventive practices and medicine, in addition to the ability of the body to heal itself. It is an excellent tool for women who want to stay healthy since it is founded on the same principles.

Proven Health Benefits of Yoga for Every Woman

Whether you are looking for a solution to improve your health, keep sickness at bay or heal your unending pains and aches, yoga might be just what you need. Yoga, according to Mayo Clinic, has several health benefits, ranging from improved fitness, stress reduction and better sleep to improved immunity, relaxed body muscles and better management of chronic conditions. Here are some benefits of yoga that should see every woman signing up to a fitness class:

  1. Improved Flexibility

When you begin your yoga classes, you notice how inflexible your body muscles, connective tissues and bones are. However, with time, you will notice improved flexibility of these muscles for better stretches and bends, leading to you having a more flexible body.

  1. Muscle Strength Development

You can build your muscle strength by engaging in yoga as part of your fitness routines. With strong body muscles, your body is safe from conditions like back pain and arthritis. The possibility of you falling during old age is drastically reduced because you gain flexibility, in addition to muscle strength.

  1. Develop a Perfect Posture

Poor posture can cause neck and back pain, degenerative spine arthritis, fatigue and problems with your joints and muscles. You can eliminate the risk of developing such problems by taking part in yoga exercises.

  1. Prevention of Cartilage and Breakdown of Joints

Yoga takes body joints through a full range of movement, ensuring that each part of cartilage (basically a sponge) is in use. This can also help prevent degenerative arthritis because only fresh ingredients are absorbed into the tissue, preventing it from wearing out, and exposing worn-out brake pads.

  1. Spine Protection

You can also nourish your spine with nutrients that get absorbed when you bend forward, twist and engage in backbends.

  1. Improved Bone Health

Yoga can help ward off osteoporosis and strengthen your bones. For instance, your arm bones can be subjected to upward-facing and downward dog exercises. Moreover, yoga’s ability to reduce stress hormones can help with retaining calcium in your body’s bones.

  1. Increased Blood Flow

Yoga has been proven by various studies to help improve the flow of blood in your body. For instance, relaxation exercises can help relax your hands and feet for increased blood flow. This also means that more oxygen is transported to various parts of your body for improved productivity. The flow of blood in your heart is attributed to various inverted poses like shoulder stand, handstand, and headstand to relay more oxygenated blood throughout your body. Heart attacks and strokes are minimized as a result of more red blood cells, hemoglobin, oxygen and platelet thinning that reduce clot-promoting proteins in the blood.

  1. Improved Immunity

Lymph drainage is realized through moving organs around, stretching and contracting, and trying out different postures to fight infections, dispose of toxic waste products, and destroy cancerous cells from cellular functions.

  1. Improved Heart Rate

Just like any other form of exercise, intensive yoga can be the tool you need to boost your heart rate and cardiovascular conditioning. Oxygen intake during yoga and increased endurance can also be enhanced through yoga exercises.

Other health benefits, according to Yoga Journal, include: a drop in your blood pressure; regulation of the adrenal glands; happiness; living a healthy lifestyle; decreased blood sugar levels; better focus through meditation; a relaxed body system; improved balance; enhanced nervous system; limb tension release; better sleep; improved immunity; more room to breathe; improved gut; piece of mind; increased self-esteem and self-confidence; easing of pain; enhanced inner strength; connection to guidance; maintaining a drug-free body; development of transformation awareness; better relationships; soothing sinuses; guiding body healing; preventing viruses and allergies; serving others; better self-care; connective tissues support and developing a positive mindset.

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